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Box Plenum

Box Plenum™

The Grisley ASC Box Plenum™ is specifically designed for new installations, where fugitive materials such as dust must be controlled and eliminated. The Box Plenum™ design allows for an air-supported return, which eliminates the problems caused by dust on the return side of the conveyor. The Box Plenum™ is frequently incorporated as a shuttle conveyor, as well as a ship loader.


The Industry's Best Conveyor

Setting new standards for high performance

Through its superior engineering our design has made a truly cost-effective air-supported conveyor a reality. The distinct advantage of the ASC is in its precisely-calibrated plenum design and air-tight fastening technique. Because of their benefits, the grain industry now looks to air-supported conveyors as a more efficient alternative to traditional conveying methods. And the Grisley ASC now makes that alternative cost-effective and reliable.


Eliminates mechanical friction

Renders conventional conveying methods obsolete

Grisley’s engineering solves many of the problems associated with conventional conveyors because it eliminates their source: mechanical friction. Using air instead of moving parts, its smoother operation makes the Grisley ASC a better conveyor precisely because it brings the costs of product loss, maintenance, and particle pollution under control.


Simplicity is key

A low horsepower fan forces air through a calibrated series of holes in a plenum. This thin film of air supports up to 200 pounds per square foot at high speeds with no mechanical friction. A single fan supports up to 600 feet of conveyor. This process creates a smooth and even cushion of air on which the conveyor belt glides with ease. Using this consistent airflow, the Grisley ASC’s belt floats effortlessly in the plenum.


The only true air-supported conveyor

Unlike other air-supported conveyors, whose inconsistent airflows create belt drag and load agitation, the Grisley ASC guarantees superior, consistent performance at a lower cost. The Grisley ASC is a sound investment because it takes the expense out of the conveying process.

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