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V Plenum

V Plenum™

The V Plenum™ is Grisley ASC’s patented retrofit design. The V Plenum™ allows the user to retrofit an existing roller-based conveyor with an air-supported carrying side that is dust tight and weatherproof. The V Plenum™ is frequently used in power generation facilities in order to control dusting issues caused by coal handling. Because it is dust-tight, the V Plenum™ is an ideal load zone or transfer point conveyor that will eliminate troublesome and dangerous situations.

V Plenum Diagram

Upgrade your existing conveyor

The patented Grisley V Plenum™ Air Supported Conveyor is a component-based method for upgrading troughing conveyors to more reliable and cost-effective air-supported conveyors. Designed according to CEMA (Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association) standards, the V Plenum™ utilizes the troughing conveyor’s existing support structure, drive mechanism and belt.

V Plenum Diagram

Simplify the retrofitting process and reduce the cost

Using the technology that is quickly making Grisley ASC the industry standard for high performance conveying, the V Plenum™ is more efficient, reliable and cost-effective than conventional conveying technologies. Our retrofitting method not only simplifies the process of upgrading troughing conveyors, but it has the added advantage of eliminating the need for further retrofitting. By eliminating the source of wear (friction from moving parts), the V Plenum™ will substantially reduce the conveyor’s operating and maintenance costs.


All of the benefits of air-supported conveying

The V Plenum™ ASC is available at a per-section cost comparable to that of a conventional and regularly-scheduled retrofit. The V Plenum™ retrofit provides all of the inherent benefits of air-supported conveying, and because it uses the troughing conveyor’s existing structure, there is a substantial reduction in installation costs and downtime.

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