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Air Glide Plenum

Air Glide Fitup Assembly

Grisley Air Glide

The Grisley Air Glide is an air supported conveyor designed specifically for the agriculture industry. It takes the place of regular spool type conveyors. Like our other models, this is a completely enclosed air supprted conveyor with an air supported return and its own dust collection system. The advantages are in its simple design, easy construction, and being priced very competitive to spool type conveyors.

Air Glide Conveyor vs Hi Roller

Grisley Air Glide

The Grisley Air Glide uses a unique design to remove the use of spool idlers. No spools or bearings means less maintenance and less downtime. There are no moving parts throughout the length the conveyor, except at the head and tail sections. The Grisley Air Glide offers a doggedly reliable conveyor.