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Box Plenum

Box Plenum™

The Grisley ASC Box Plenum™ is specifically designed for new installations, where fugitive materials such as dust must be controlled and eliminated. The Box Plenum™ design allows for an air-supported return, which eliminates the problems caused by dust on the return side of the conveyor. The Box Plenum™ is frequently incorporated as a shuttle conveyor, as well as a ship loader.

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V Plenum

V Plenum™

The V Plenum™ is Grisley ASC’s patented retrofit design. The V Plenum™ allows the user to retrofit an existing roller-based conveyor with an air-supported carrying side that is dust tight and weatherproof. The V Plenum™ is frequently used in power generation facilities in order to control dusting issues caused by coal handling. Because it is dust-tight, the V Plenum™ is an ideal load zone or transfer point conveyor that will eliminate troublesome and dangerous situations.

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